Inspectools Featured inThe Mercury News

While attending the Santa Cruz New Tech MeetUp hosted by Amazon, Paul Bingaman, President, gave a presentation to the 350 attendees about our companies use of Amazon Web Service. He was later quoted in The Mercury News article covering the event titled; "Amazon, out of Stealth Mode, Hiring 'Like Crazy' in Santa Cruz".

"Paul Bingaman, president of InspecTools, a 3-year-old firm that deploys drones to inspect wind turbines and solar farms and collect data on the conditions, uses Amazon Web Services exclusively to run his company's data processing and analysis.

"They do everything we need better than everyone else," he said, noting Amazon Web Services has FedRamp security certification, which can save time and staff from conducting redundant agency assessments."

                                  Gumz, J (2016, June 13). Amazon, out of Stealth Mode, Hiring 'Like Crazy' in Santa Cruz. The Mercury News.

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